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DIY FIAT Design: Challenge Yourself!


Consumers love to customize. They love to know that their vehicle is one of kind, and that the options and accessories they have chosen make their car unlike any other vehicle on the road. What if you had the chance to not only pick and choose options and accessories... but actually design? Well FIAT is finally giving you the chance.
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October is Approaching... Are You Aware?


The deadliest cancer in terms of annual death rates is breast cancer. More and more women are suffering from this terrible illness, thus it is time to take an active stance against it. In order to do so, FIAT has teamed up with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) to create the 2012 FIAT 500 Pink Ribbon edition.
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Gucci and FIAT Make the 500 Ultra-Fabulous


Automakers have always tried to boast that their cars are the best looking, the most stylish or the most modern. They throw around adjectives like sleek, sexy and stunning. But where is the proof that their product is something worth looking at as it rolls down the street? How about backing from one of the most influential designer brands in the world? Italian imagination went from runway to race track with Gucci and the 2011 FIAT. Orlando shoppers... There's your proof right there. 
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Twisting Tradition with the FIAT 500c


The 2011 FIAT 500 is a force to be reckoned with. Its American reintroduction has been met with nothing but excitement as smaller cars become ever popular. A sleek and innovative design mark a new tradition of fabulous FIATs for years to come. Starting us off is the 2011 FIAT 500c.     

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