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Pre-owned FIAT models: save money, get style.

At Fields FIAT of Orlando, we are well known as a great dealership to visit if you are looking for a new FIAT model.  However, we would like to remind you that we have lots of used FIAT for sale on our dealer lot, too.  As a pre-owned FIAT Orlando dealer, in addition to being a new FIAT Orlando dealer, we take pride in offering our customers excellent alternative choices to the latest on the market from FIAT.

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And the award goes to…. FIAT

As a FIAT dealer in Orlando, at Fields FIAT of Orlando we do not like to brag.  However, in the same breath - the truth is the truth.  And, the truth is that when it comes to awards, FIAT often finishes on top.  It has been just over two years since the new FIAT lineup graced America with its presence, and in that time FIAT models have racked up quite a nice array of awards.  Of course, as a FIAT dealer that makes us proud.

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Not into new? Consider a pre-owned FIAT

There are some consumers who feel that there is no reason to ever by a new automobile.  While at Fields FIAT of Orlando we do not agree with this position, we can understand why some choose to take this position.  After all, it is true that a vehicle's value drops the moment it is driven off of a dealership's lot.  Thus, if you are willing to pass on the latest developments for things like engines, entertainment features, and style, then buying a pre-owned vehicle can certainly make a lot of sense. 


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Can't afford a new FIAT? Buy used!

While the title of this blog is a great idea, buying a pre-owned FIAT from our Orlando dealership of Fields FIAT is still a great idea, even if you can afford a new FIAT.  This is because the FIAT 500 model was reinvented and reintroduced to the states just last year, so that means even the pre-owned FIAT models in Orlando are practically brand new.  Thus, visiting our new and used FIAT Orlando dealer, Fields FIAT, in order to test drive our pre-owned models just might be the smartest move that you can make this summer…

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Three reasons to drive a FIAT

Incredible curb appeal - No matter what angle you approach it from, the 2012 FIAT 500, now available at your Orlando FIAT dealer of Fields FIAT, whether in its convertible form, like the FIAT 500c Cabrio, or its regular hardtop model, is one great looking vehicle.  Maybe it is the fact that, thanks to its compact nature, it has that look of foreign chic about it, or maybe it is the fact that the 2012 FIAT 500 is available in bright colors like red and yellow, in addition to the traditional white, black and grey.  Whatever it is, the 2012 FIAT…

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Spring (car) cleaning!

Now that spring has officially arrived, many of us have realized it is time for some spring-cleaning.  For some unexplained reason, the spring sunshine seems to shine greater light on the fact that we spent all winter curled up with a blanket and a good book, while ignoring the ever-increasing amount of cobwebs in the corner.  Therefore, the time has arrived to take action and, as your local dealer of new and used FIAT vehicles in Orlando, it is our duty to advocate for a spring-cleaning of your vehicle as well.


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Encourage safe driving habits for new drivers

As much as some parents may hate to admit it, we learned how to drive a long, long time ago.  While many of us may have a clean driving slate and may think we are good drivers, the truth of the matter is we have all likely picked up a bad habit or two over the years.  Thus, it is important to remember that some of the rules of the road may have changed since our driver's ed. days, especially when we go to teach our own children the ways of the road.


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Give the gift of FIAT

We have all dreamt of being given a brand new car.  Even better, however, would be to give a brand new car, such as a new FIAT, to a loved one.  Just imagine the look of surprise, shock, and happiness - all rolled into an enormous smile - across the face of your favorite person.  Well, with Christmas just around the corner, now is the time to head to your 2012 and 2011 FIAT 500 Orlando dealer of Fields FIAT and find the perfect FIAT 500 vehicle.  Doing so is bound to create the best Christmas yet for…

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